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Lincoln High School Class of 1979 - Latest News

06-03-2009 - Cost of reunion is reasonable!!!

Hola classmates and friends,

I have heard that there may be a bit of grumbling going on out there by a few of our compadre`s concerning the ticket cost for this year's class reunion.  I'll offer a different opinion in support of what I believe is a very reasonable cost for the event.  While finances are tight for almost everyone these days I think most of us are also aware that a lot of stuff just costs a little more than it used to (gas, cost of transport, postage, etc).

These tickets are $40 a person or $75 a couple.  I would ask you to bear in mind that $40 or $37.50 per person (the couples price) is purchasing and/or helping to fund:  the disc-jockey, door prizes, raffle baskets, website maintenance, 600+ mailings, banquet hall reservation, food and drink for everyone, something for the next reunion kitty and probably a couple other things I can't think of at the moment.  Do the math, folks.  I don't know about everone else but  $75 for my wife and I isn't cheap either, but neither do I think it a great deal to ask for a once-every-five-years class reunion.  It's pretty darn reasonable, in my humble opinion.  That is, unless we're talking about a kegger of BudLight (please, dear god, no) and a few dozen packages of brats & white bread buns, which we're not.

With that in mind, my dear friends, let me just politely ask:  What the hell?!  Pull your cheapskate melons from your tightwad derrieres and pony up!  This is your 30-year class reunion, for pete's sake.  Most of you doorknobs drop $40 at the local crappy beer joint every Friday night without so much as a second  thought.  Quitchyerbitchin' and send in your check, get your tickets and come and have some fun with everyone on July 25th.

Respectfully submitted,

David Smith

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