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Louise Scheinoha Henderson - 03-22-2009
Okay Dave just saw your uploaded photos and am very scared to come back in July!!!!!
Todd Weishoff - 03-21-2009
Hey Smitty, that Rice lake Sheriff is still looking for us out on the flowage, Vern'e   Thanks for all the hard work committee members
Jim Schwantes - 03-12-2009
Hey, great website, thanks for putting it together.When and where is the reunion is going to be?
Tammy Rosinsky Markert - 02-18-2009
Can't wait to see everyone. I have not made it home for one reunion. Something always comes up.   Hopefully this summers trip will be successful. Take care.
Scotty Hallfrisch - 02-13-2009
Just wondering how much gray hair is in fact out there......Hey, as I am sending this I just got a phone call from fellow classmates Scotty Newberg & wife Lori Morrow! How ironic hey! See Ya
David Smith - 02-12-2009
Ok, gang, I just loaded a few images onto one of the image folders (I think it was called 'Look at us now'). It's easy-peazy. Load some of your own pics up so people at least have some visual foundation on which to guess your name when they see you for the first time in who-knows-how-many-years. Just a note: if loading multiple images the first image you load will end up being the last in line. I messed the order of mine up, and even though I know it would bug no one else but me, I'm an artsy-fartsy kind of guy and I want things to look the way I want them to look. But it's easy, grab a few pics off your laptop and put them up.
David Smith - 02-12-2009
To answer Mary Miller Sonnenberg's question, Karen Caviani Weinert put this thing together. She deserves tons of credit for tons of hard work and time she's put into this. On the other hand, she browbeats Randy and I unmercifully at the meetings, making us fetch drinks, clean up afterwards, rub her feet (that's Randy's job, I won't go near that), and respond to her with eyes lowered with either 'Yes, my queen' or 'Your bidding is my command.' I never knew...
David Smith - 02-12-2009
Bud, I have that Rice Lake sheriff in my back pocket now, no worries, I own that town. Unless of course he's calling you for more 'personal' reasons, then I'm afraid you're on your own, my friend.
Mary beth Trott (  Nate ) - 02-06-2009
great web site. just wanted you lincolnnites to know that my brother owns the linebacker now.  That place brings back memories. On feb. 28 they are having a bean bag tournement sing up is at 12:00 noon. I am coming home for it. Maybe  we can get together for one or two, if anyone is interested. Cant wait to see you all at the reunion.
Lynn (Haucke) Denzin - 12-30-2008
Ran into Mary Fisher at Aurora Hospital, TR.  She mentioned the up and coming reunion.  Sure am glad we talked or I'd have never known about it.  Looking forward to getting reacquainted.  See y'all soon...

Darcy - 12-29-2008
I was excited to hear about the up & coming reunion.  What a great way to let people know!  Looking forward to it.  Can't beleive it's been 30 years already.....where has the time gone.
Jeff Budnik - 11-09-2008
Looking forward to seeing many former classmates!  Smitty, the Rice Lake sheriff is still calling me.  I can be bribed.

Thanks to the commitee for putting this together.
Mary Sgarioto VanDamme - 11-05-2008
WOW! Checking out this website is the first contact I have had with my graduating class. Theresa Grimm, are you out there!
David Wimmer - 10-31-2008
Hi all.  Recieved the postcard giving information on upcoming reunion.  Looked over the class list and saw that I did not even make the list missing or otherwise.  I will join in on the fun!  See you there.
Mary Miller Sonnenberg - 10-17-2008
What a nice option for communication!  Thanks to all who put it together:o)!

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