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Julie Jens - 05-11-2009
Great job committee members.  Thanks!
Steve Lang - 05-09-2009
WOW! What a blast from the past!
I wasn't planning on going to our reunuion.
The post card was nice, this site is excelent!
I will be there!
Randy Wagner - 04-29-2009
Just found out about the web site and it looks great.  And I hate to say it Scotty H but you may be the winner for the most gray hair.  Hope to see you all there.
name withheld while under police protection - 04-23-2009
Go here to learn what really happens at class reunion meetings:

Karen Caviani Weinert - 04-22-2009
I'm hearing from a lot of classmates, and many are planning to attend the reunion. Check to see who is all signed up to come by clicking on reunions and then click on who's coming. The list keeps growing!
Lisa (Siewert) Olson - 04-16-2009
Thanks so much for the great website!  Looking forward to the 30 year reunion!  (if my weightwatchers plan goes as planned!) Hope to see Deb Hochkammer, Peggy Eis, Amy Pollack, Karen Robley and many more!
Kathy Buxbaum - do you have a brother Mike?  a CSM in the Army?  If so, I ran into him while stationed in Germany.  Amazing Soldier!  Hello to Daryl George - my next door neighbor approx 38 years ago??
Patti (Schuh) Reznichek - 04-11-2009
Great job designing this website!  I have not gone to any class reunions yet, this will be my first. Wow, where has the time gone, it sure does not seem like 30 years.  Looking forward to seeing you all.
Daryl George - 04-07-2009
Bruce just told me about the website. Had to take a look. Nice job classmates.
Bruce Schlei - 04-02-2009
Hi, everyone! I've been to a couple of the reunions and I'm really looking forward to this one! See you all there!
David Smith - 04-01-2009
Hi Todd,
Just saw your post on the class reunion site. Good to hear from you. That was a good time, that trip to the Flambeau. Funny your commenting on that...about a week ago I was telling Kim that I had an odd dream, part of which had you driving a little car like a minicooper, me in the passenger seat, and you were driving over the ice of some lake or big bay and the ice was cracking all around us and I was shouting 'Drive faster! faster! Get us the hell off of here!' before we finally made it to shore and safety. clue as to where that imagery came from.

Hope all is well with you amigo.
Take care now.
PS: tried to email this to you but got a delivery failure, so just posted it here.
Anni Graff Banks - 04-01-2009
Hello Everyone from not-so-sunny Boston, where I've lived for -- yikes! -- 25 years.   Was just in Manitowoc for a couple days over my kids' school vacation (Danny 12,  Adam 10), and it was beautiful.  They can't get over how friendly people are.  Karen, this website is GREAT -- thanks so much to you, Randy, David and the committee.  Hope to be at the reunion.  When is it?    Annie
Michael L. O'Leske - 03-31-2009
Great site!  Wish I could attend, but I live in Tucson, AZ.  I am a residential contractor since July of 1993 (for anyone wanting to know).
Lynda (Radandt) Oetting - 03-26-2009
Lynda (Radandt) Oetting - 03-26-2009
Peggy (Throndson) Gauger - 03-25-2009

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