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Mike 'Spoon' Swerdlow - 07-30-2014
Thanks to everyone who helped both organize the reunion.  I had a great time catching up with everyone.   It was nice to see others are catching up to my early hair loss.
mike czekala - 06-30-2014
Am i invited? I didnt get my diploma till just 3 years ago. Im a little slow. Lol.
Douglas a Posen - 05-26-2014
can i my yearbooks ,but I do remember those pictures in there .I was a little shy back then .but I do remember a lot of people ,miss a lot of them .I'm going to see if I can find my yearbooks and I'll post more pictures .I live in Kewanee wi. and I work in Manitowoc .I see some classmates from time to time .always fun to talk I'm time to time .and if you see me there don't be afraid to say hi .god bless and take care .love your classmates .
Lorraine Best - 03-19-2014
The 35th reunion is coming up July 26, 2014....I haven't been to one yet!  I'm planning on making it this time!  What a long strange trip it's been!
tom zeddies - 03-08-2014
Jill Tompson, Gina Strohfeldt, Barb korte, you ladies rock ! I declare shenanigans !
Henry Nowakowski - 03-15-2013
This is an awesome site!
Debbie Husar - 08-31-2011
Hi Guys,   The website is fantastic!  Thank you to Karen and the team for putting it together.  I am so bummed I missed the Reunion.  We were back in Wisconsin for a wedding the week prior and couldnt get back again.  I promise I will make the next one.    It's great to see everyone and catch up.  I have been living in Phoenix, Arizona the past 25 years, but still get back to Manitowoc for Easter and Thanksgiving to visit the family:)
Tammy Backus Land - 07-08-2010
Wow memories. I've missed out on so much since leaving manitowoc. I live in cleveland tenneessee. Mother of 4 and a grandmmother. Where have all the years gone to?
Jeffrey Krouse - 02-14-2010
Been a long time.  I currently live in Charleston, SC.  Would like to be a participating member of our next reunion.
Jody Robinson Keil - 12-03-2009
I am a graduate of the class of 1983.  However, my brother Jeff Robinson is a member of the class of 1979, so I thought I'd take a look.    I do remember some of the people from my brother's class.  Nice website!!!
Peter Ashenbrener - 08-07-2009
Just found out about the reunion! †Sorry I wasn't able to make it as it sure brings back some memories and looks like it was a good time. †I have not been to Manty in some time as most of my family is now in Texas and I am out in the Seattle area.
Kathy Buxbaum Williams - 07-27-2009
A great big thank you to the planning committee for putting together such a great reunion. It was a really good time. It was great catching up with so many of you. †Hopefully see in you at the next one. I hope more people post their pictures. Unfortunately the ones I took turned out pretty badly! Guess it's a good thing I play with lights and not with video!

Take care all!
Lori Heinz Brown - 07-27-2009
This is a fantastic website.....I just took the stroll down memory lane! †WOW †Great job to the committee who put the time and energy into creating it.

I was unable to attend the reunion as I was off on a bike trip. †Sounds like I missed a great time. †We tend to vacation at the end of July, so I have missed many reunions.

I am living in Sheboygan Falls with my husband Fred, and children Stephanie (21) and Nathan (17). †I teach for the Plymouth School District and enjoy the surprises each day brings. †I visit Manitowoc often as my parent are living there. †

Take care! †Make the best of each and every day!


Lisa (Siewert) Olson - 07-27-2009
To the planning committee - †thanks so much for a job well done! †It was absolutely amazing seeing how great everyone still looks. †I really enjoyed hearing about ALL you've accomplished over the last 30 years! † †The class of 79 is truly devine!
I hope to see you again real soon, and not let another 25-30 years slip by! †Deb, Peg, Julia, Karen, Tammy S, Kim Waack, Jay G, Craig V and everyone else- You are the sweetest ever - love you guys, and keep in touch!
David Smith - 07-27-2009
Great time at the reunion. So nice to reconnect with friends I hadn't seen in quite some time. Only a couple regrets from the evening: one, that I didn't get to spend time catching up with some folks who I only said hi to, thinking I'd catch them sometime during the evening (coming to mind this moment: Dave Wimmer, Randy Johnson, Tom Allwardt, John Conrad...); and two, that I didn't get to dance that slow song with Kevin Pfeffer. Lovely job by the babes and Randy on the committee (thanks for putting up with me).

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